Water filters

Water filters were created to make water drinkable at any point of use.
Edenya’s water filters are ideal to break down sedimentation up to 0.5 microns, molds, seaweeds, chlorine, bad tastes and smells. The Edenya line of filters consists of: activated carbon filters, activated carbon argentized filters for a bacteriostatic function, and graphene filters. The filter Edenya Hi-Tech is able to break down pollutants present in the water and all sedimentation up to 0.5 microns alongside having a bacteriostatic function.
Also, it’s possible to purchase water filters from: Profine, Everpure, and WCF both domestic and commercial use to remove excess limestone, seaweed, rust, and sediments not visible with naked eye. Thanks to the active carbon with silver molecules added it’s possible to stop bacterial proliferation, and use the water for drinking and cooking purposes.

Water filters
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