Inline filters and replacements

Inline filters are water treatment devices utilized in both domestic and commercial systems.
Inline filters are called this way because they are installed in line with the water tubing.
They comes in different types:
-Activated carbon inline filters
-Reminalizer inline filters post osmosis
-Sediment inline filters
Sediment inline filters are used to break down particles in suspension in the water, making the water clear of impurities.
Activated carbon inline filters are made for breaking down chlorine present in the water, bettering its taste and smell. Activated carbon inline filters can be silvered, silver molecules block bacteria proliferation.
Reminalizer inline filter, often used post reverse osmosis systems, balances the water PH and provides the right amount of mineral salt in the water.
Inline filters have different fields of use:
-Microfiltration systems
-Reverse osmosis systems
-Coffee Machines
-Undersink Filtration
Inline filters are an efficient water treatment system to the point of use and work directly with domestic water flow. In general inline filters work optimally when between 3 and 4 bars.
The filter’s autonomy is specific to the type you take. Most filters can be replaced every 6 months from installation, activated carbon filters can take from 6 to 10 months before replacement.

Inline filters and replacements
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